Review: Regan and Watkins – Regan and Watkins

June 8, 2019

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We're big fans of Jeremiah Watkins and all of his projects, but this album project is one we're absolutely giddy to promote! Watkins and long-time collaborator on Kill Tony, Pat Regan banded together to create Regan and Watkins, the duo and the eponymous debut album. I say "band together" because this is not a traditional stand-up album, it is an experience, combining songs and sketches. Pat Regan is not only a comedian, but a musician, as is Watkins. Watkins is well-known for his saxophone work, while Regan is a guitarist. Together, this unusual combination, melded with the superb wordplay and creativity, works to create an album like no other.

For a debut outing, this album--and the accompanying videos that have been released--launches Regan and Watkins into the pantheon of elite comics who successfully deliver comedy by way of music - The Lonely Island, Weird Al Yankovic, to name a notable few. The fun begins early in the album and doesn't let up until the very end. Between original musical works, parodies (I heard takes on the Ramones, Prince, Simon & Garfunkel, and Blink-182, to name just a few), and the sketches (should we be worried about Vicki?), Regan and Watkins have demonstrated skill above and beyond a debut release.

The one suggestion I have for listening to this album: listen start to finish, don't mix and match or jump around. There's an intended continuity between songs and sketches that you'll miss out on if you do it any other way. We hope to see many more Regan and Watkins albums and we fully expect it'll be called #2, because that would be a fine accompaniment to their #1 album.

The album is out now, so get it from your favorite places right away!